Environment & Sustainability


At the BASSENA Wien Messe Prater and BASSENA Wien Donaustadt, sustainability, resource conservation and continuous quality improvement are not just empty words but an important part of our daily work.

For our commitment our BASSENA Wien Messe Prater has been awarded the Austrian Eco-label for tourism businesses. This means that we not only adhere to existing measures, but also regularly review them and constantly set new goals.

The following topics are important to us:

  • Management & Communications
  • Conservation of resources
  • Environmentally conscious use of cleaning products & materials
  • Quality improvement through high-quality food
  • Eco-friendly mobility

You can find detailed information in our environmental and sustainability concept.


A small excerpt from our concept:

Product Origin:

Regionality is a major concern for us at BASSENA. Whether regional delicacies or locally produced drinks. In many cases we decide in favour of Austrian products and are happy to share a piece of (often culinary) culture with you.

Bassena Shop:

In our shop we also pay attention to regionalism and sell products from Austria.

Against Food Waste:

We successfully cooperate with the app "TooGoodToGo", where we sell surplus food from the restaurant at a very reasonable price.

Eco-Friendly Mobility:

Our hotels can be reached quickly and easily by public transport. Guests who have booked this package (arrival by train or bus) are rewarded and receive a free 48h Vienna ticket. More information can be found here.