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Be different. Work with us.

Yes, we’re a hotel. But one that lives and breathes community. Not just when interacting with our guests. But also as a team of employees. We question standard hotel concepts and break with conventions. How we do that? Together with you, preferably. 

Dedicated, open and warm hosts | © BASSENA Hotels

Work to experience something.

The BASSENA community consists of many who see things very differently (and do them differently as well): Mistakes are considered a source of learning. Diversity is considered an enriching experience. Openness doesn’t stop at the front desk. Afterall, we’re people with an opinion and pioneering spirit, who love lived transparency. 


Our hosts aren’t just bursting with curiosity but also with wit and excitement. This spreads to our guests and lets us all have a memorable time together.

Kick-start your career. With us.

If you’re a helpful, open, service-oriented teamplayer, or in one word, a host – this way, please: