Yes, we’re a hotel. And – with that said – not your home. But what we’d love is for you to move around as freely as you would if you were at home.

Young man with a dog on his lap | © BASSENA Hotels
Young woman with a red coat  | © BASSENA Hotels
Wasserhahn Bassena in der Hotellobby

Maybe you’re familiar with the French word “bassin”? Or the Italian word “bacino”? “Bassena” is the Austrian amalgamation of the two terms. Originally, it referred to a communal water tap, which was accessible to all residents of a building. But it wasn’t just where you’d go to get water back in the day; it was also the spot where you’d catch up on the latest news. It was a meeting place where people would exchange thoughts and ideas, laugh and chitchat. And that’s exactly what this hotel is like.

Illustration with BASSENA water tap | © BASSENA Hotels
Young happy man | © BASSENA Hotels

We and our guests see eye to eye. We’ll provide hospitality and community if that’s what you’re looking for. Or we’ll give you your space, if that’s what you prefer. Together with our guests, we live our own interpretation of a 21st-century hotel stay. If you’d like peace and quiet, that’s what you’ll get. And if you’re looking for a person to chat with, you’ll find someone – in the kitchen, if nowhere else. The perfect spot to casually sojourn.  

fresh Viennese mountain spring water | © BASSENA Hotels

Our hotel is a place filled with light-heartedness. Because we’ve got the most committed hosts of the entire city at our house. Helpful, open-minded, service-oriented teamplayers who will inspire you and make your stay an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s upon your arrival or in one of the many meeting spots that our hotel offers, at the kitchen table or at the Bassena. This communal water tap – specifically designed for our Bassena – provides fresh Viennese mountain spring water. To drink and to make everything flow. Conversations, too.