The new sustainability program of the BASSENA Hotels.

    To make hospitality even more sustainable - that is the aim of the new sustainability initiative. As part of VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY, we want to have a long-lasting, positive impact on the ecological footprint with CARES. 

    At the BASSENA Wien Messe Prater and BASSENA Wien Donaustadtsustainability, resource conservation and continuous quality improvement are not just empty words but an important part of our daily work.

    In order to operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way, we focus primarily on the following areas and measures.


    In these 11 fields of action, CARES proactively identifies and shows measures of sustainability.


    • Reducing energy consumption(conversion to LED)
    • For renovation and new constructions: Consideration of energy-efficient construction methods, use of sustainable building materials


    • Soap and shower gel in refillable bulk packs
    • Energy-saving electrical appliances
    Measures for sustainability in hotels: washbasin in the bathroom with refillable soap dispenser
    Frau in U-Bahn-Station in Wien, Österreich

    We care and look after small living organisms (such as bee colonies) and the biodiversity which are essential to our ecosystem.


    • Expansion of e-charging stations 
    • GO GREEN Package as an incentive for an environmentally-friendly journey to all hotels


    • Waste separation & waste separation facilites for guests
    • Reusable containers wherever possible


    • We are tackling food waste with the initiative Too Good To Go
    • Vegan and vegetarian food available (breakfast, a la carte, seminar catering)


    • Cleaning products with the Austrian Eco-label
    • Only changing towels when requested by guests by leaving them on the floor!
    Carrier bag from Too Good To Go - a measure against food waste at Bassena Hotels | © Too Good To Go
    Bedroom - Bassena Wien Messe Prater


    We are implementing measures to reduce consumption:

    • Fittings with sensors and/or water-saving mechanisms
    • Water-saving showerheads/taps 


    • Use of district cooling where possible (within the limits of conversion measures)
    • Regulating temperature settings in the rooms: No cooler than 23°C in the summer and no warmer than 20°C in the winter
    Logo of the Green Hotel - Austrian eco-label

    We are continually undertaking further training to keep us well-educated and up-to-date with regard to current issues. 

    are vital to us to ensure certain quality standards.

    • Austrian Eco-label with roll-out plan in both hotels by 2025
    • Building certifications: Energy Performance Certificate, ÖNORM 1301 (approx. 50% of the portfolio) 

    Go Green Package

    At the BASSENA we care about the environment and sustainable travel! That is why our guests who book this offer and arrive by bus or train get rewarded: Book this package, show us your ticket at the Welcome Desk when checking in and you’ll receive a 48h Vienna City Card! This allows you to explore the most beautiful places in Vienna by public transport without any restrictions.

    Click here to see the package!

    Frau in U-Bahn-Station in Wien, Österreich

    Austrian Eco-label

    For our commitment our BASSENA Wien Messe Prater has been awarded the Austrian Eco-label for tourism businesses. We are currently preparing for this certification for the BASSENA Wien Donaustadt. This means that we not only adhere to existing measures, but also regularly review them and constantly set new goals.

    The following topics are important to us:

    • Management & Communications
    • Conservation of resources
    • Environmentally conscious use of cleaning products & materials
    • Quality improvement through high-quality food
    • Eco-friendly mobility

    You can find detailed information in our environmental and sustainability concept.

    Concept | BASSENA Wien Messe Prater

    Concept | BASSENA Wien Donaustadt

    A small excerpt from our concept:


    Regionality is a major concern for us at BASSENA. Whether regional delicacies or locally produced drinks. In many cases we decide in favour of Austrian products and are happy to share a piece of (often culinary) culture with you.

    BASSENA Shop:

    In our shop we also pay attention to regionalism and sell products from Austria.


    We successfully cooperate with the app "TooGoodToGo", where we sell surplus food from the restaurant at a very reasonable price.


    Our hotels can be reached quickly and easily by public transport. Guests who have booked this package (arrival by train or bus) are rewarded and receive a 48h Vienna City Card. More information can be found here